The Key to Your Future Lies Within!

"This isn't rocket science, this is riding a bike.  Your parents couldn't teach it to you, because they didn't know how and you won't learn it in school, in church or on the job.  It's not taught, yet it's a Knowing that is already inside of you!  Life should be joyous and fun!  And everything that you want in your life flows from that."

Leslie Landberg, coach, on the DREAM Curriculum


In these workshops, coaching students get the unique experience of sharing with others and learning valuable skills that add to mastery of the DREAM Curriculum.  Getting more strength, clarity, purpose and joy is the main objective in offering these workshops.  They are included FREE with your coaching packages and are not offered to the general public.  They are very powerful, so please take them!


Cooking is a healing and nurturing experience, yet too many of us were never introduced to even the most rudimentary principals.  Others were exposed to cooking early on and may even be excellent chefs but rarely find the time to prepare our own meals.  In this workshop we will explore the holistic aspect of simple dishes you can make for yourself and those you love.  Rediscover creativity and deep life-affirming meditations through preparing and sharing meals.  We will make a salad and sauteed vegetables to share in this hour-long workshop.  

Theatre Games:

Improv, Theatre Games, Drama it what you will, but in playing and letting loose we get to reclaim our passion, our imagination and our sense of fun and adventure.  We learn co-operation, trust and allowing our instincts free reign without criticism or editing.  We get to move, breathe and share our deepest feelings with one another in a safe and supportive space.  No previous experience is necessary.  The exercises include warm ups, basic drama theory and games ranging from simple to quite challenging.  Let your inner child out at our Theatre Games workshop.

Arts and Crafts:

Every couple of weeks we offer a different class that focuses our intention for healing, community and sharing with self-expression.  Collaging, working with clay, making found-object shadow boxes and more.  Best of all, you get to bring something home that is deeply imbued with your vision, to help center and empower you every time you look at it.

Grief and Loss Workshop:

Wherever you are at in your stages of grief, this healing exploratory workshop can help.  Together we engage in guided meditations, working with prayer, ritual and crafts to honestly encounter our feelings in a supportive, gentle space.  Co-facilitated by experienced guest Grief Councilors.  If you are working through feelings of loss, don't miss this monthly opportunity to learn better how to process and ultimately gain insight, strength and compassion, from the experience of grief and loss.


What it is (and isn't) for those who are new, or who have tried and failed miserably.  This workshop is both an introduction and a continuation for more experienced meditators.  Together we explore several approaches to meditation, including visualisation, breathwork, mantras and more.  Meditation isn't just for stress relief.  It is a tool to enhance creative problem solving,  gentle emotional healing, enriching our inner lives on a profound level and even improving our intimate relationships in powerful ways.