The Key to Your Future Lies Within!

DREAM Curriculum

The DREAM Curriculum is a course of coachings and workshops designed to give you the tools to achieve anything you want, to experience true freedom and joy.  It is the recipe for the rest of your life.

The course syllabus is outlined below.  To get started, schedule your complimentary session now!

The DREAM Curriculum is five steps to total Mastery of any problem or goal you may have in your life.  You can use this technology again and again.  In fact, it is so simple, so adaptive and so intuitive, that you can quickly grasp the essentials and begin moving forward faster than you ever imagined!

The DREAM Curriculum is based on the five letters in the word dream.  Following these simple yet very powerful steps, and mastering them, will effortlessly lead to radical shifts in your life, beginning with your viewpoint and ending with the outer manifestations of all your deepest desires.  BEGIN TODAY!

Believe it or not, you are going to have fun.  You are going to learn to let go and be yourself JOYOUSLY, EFFORTLESSLY.  It is your birthright as a human being!

D is for Dare

Dare to dream, dare to daydream, to play, to fantasize , to go wild in your imagination!  Dream big, big, BIG!  Do it often, several times a day.  Embroider, build on it, make it bigger, bolder.  Allow it to be vivid, to take on a life of its own.  Evoke it, embellish it.  Go as grandiose as you please.  And when you can hold it in your hands, and have breathed life into it, SHARE YOUR DREAM with someone whom you know will be uncritically supportive.

R is for Renew

Several times a day, you will make giving to yourself your highest priority.  This can include walking around the block, a ten minute meditation session, deep breathing and gentle stretching, connecting in a gentle way with a loved one or pet, putting on some dance music and getting silly or reading an inspirational passage or quietly eating nourishing, whole food.  Everything you do with gentle, loving intention for yourself renews you and uplifts your spirit, reminding you of how important and wonderful you truly are.  Renewal is not simply relaxing and unwinding.  It is not passive distraction, but a creatively conscious act which will energize and focus you.

E is for Engage

Don't try to do your life alone.  No one has all the skills to achieve their dreams by themselves. Engaging is all about finding the people who you need to connect with and putting them on your team. People who want you to share your viewpoint and your skills, people who are passionate, generous, talented and supportive.  People who are engaged meaningfully with their own lives and want to share their skills in service to see your goals come to fruition.  Learn to find these people, to reach out to them, enlist them and put them to service for you.  In Engagement, you will experience Gratitude and Connection.

A is for Activate

Work towards your goals daily, be proactive and learn to pace yourself and enjoy the ride.  Don't break off too big of a piece, try to do it all alone and then burn out.  Delegation of those tasks you can't or don't want to do to your support team is key.  Being kind to yourself, being willing to experience trial and error and to press on, to take little, meaningful steps every day is what Activation is all about. Activation (with Delegation) allows us to stay Humble and Grounded, in order to prepare us for Success.

M is for Mastery

Mastery flows from following the above steps.  It is the harvest of the seeds you have planted in yourself and nurtured with your intentions and actions.  It takes time, but all the seasons bring their blessings as well.  And when you have mastered, Mentor.  M is also for mentoring.  Share your skills and insights with others and you will grow exponentially, as well.

Andrea Hensler, Pro Musician

"Too often we make things about struggle, pain and sacrifice.  I make it about pleasure, love, joy, ease, sharing, excitement, discovery, fun.  PLAY!"

Leslie Landberg on the DREAM Curriculum